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"A true healer is the one who heals himself first so that others can benefit from his own healing."     Hong Curley

Therapy for the Therapist

Over the years I have developed a fondness for working with other therapists.

The work we do is emotional and quick to tug at our histories and tender spots.  As therapists, we hold the pain of others gently but where do we place our own?  A safe place to process, integrate and heal our personal stories is not only key to living a full life but also to serving clients well.  Experiencing the therapeutic relationship from the other perspective deepens each therapist's ability to be with their clients genuinely and connect with the vulnerability that comes from unpacking and exploring difficult issues with another person.


As a seasoned therapist, I believe I offer the understanding that comes with experience and the wisdom that comes with time.  

Consultation for CEDS

Certification as an Eating Disorder Specialist is an earned designation that sets professionals apart.  It ensures the quality of care for clients and patients and is an internationally respected accomplishment.  At this time, CEDS may only be obtained through the International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals Foundation (iaedp™).  Certification requires 2500 of documented experience treating eating disorders, the completion of four core educational courses, and the passing of a comprehensive exam.  Recent changes in certification guidelines allow for all of the 2500 hours of experience to be acquired following the issuance of an associates number for Master's level clinicians and following the start of an accreditated internship year for psychologists.  Full certification cannot be obtained until the candidate has received a state license allowing for independent practice.  


I have been a CEDS-Supervisor since 2012 and offer both individual and group consultation for candidates seeking certification. Supervision may take place in either of my offices (Brea or Tustin) or online for those that cannot travel or live outside of California.  I currently serve on the iaedp National Certification Committee and am in a unique position to assist candidates in maneuvering the intricacies of certification successfully.  If you are interested in learning more about certification or beginning the process, please contact me.




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