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"Trauma is hell on earth.  Trauma resolved is a gift from the gods."     Peter A. Levine


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing was initially developed for the treatment of trauma and its troubling symptoms.  It was later discovered that it could provide relief for many other situations, such as anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and eating disorders, to name just a few.  It is an integrative approach to healing, incorporating aspects of other modalities while adhering to well advanced and research-driven procedures.  


The goal of EMDR is to process the painful experiences causing psychological distress.  EMDR does this by targeting past experiences, present situations and future projections.  Processing in EMDR refers to a "learning state" that created during treatment.  This state allows the individual to work through prior wounds while linking in healthy cognition, awareness, and understanding, which together enable deep healing and relief.  Memories are then stored appropriately in the brain, rather than in the former disruptive ways.  EMDR never removes what is needed to manage life. Instead, it utilizes strengths and wisdom to build a better future.  


More detailed information on EMDR can be obtained at  The video below is actual EMDR clients discussing their experiences.

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